About TraQa

TraQa is the powerful cloud based information system used to provide accurate, up-to-date information and intelligence for organisations, by recording movement of goods and materials. Once signed up users download the TraQa App from the Apple app store or Google Play. Two TraQa applications are available:

TraQa Inventory

Used by small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), TraQa Inventory tracks, records and monitors the movement and distribution of materials and goods. Information is held securely in the cloud and synced to all devices and locations. TraQa Inventory includes a suite of powerful, interactive reports accessible through its intuitive interface.

TraQa Intelligence

TraQa Intelligence is the new name for Clematis 2, used by hospitals throughout the UK to manage the distribution and use of items such as disposable ward curtains, medical gasses, laundry, catering, meal distribution and consumables used in domestic cleaning and infection control. TraQa Intelligence provides powerful analysis of distribution and allocation alongside tools including benchmarking, multi-site and multi-product comparisons.


TraQa is used to record and process information about over 4 million movements of goods and materials at thousands of sites.

  • Hospitals, clinics, surgeries and other healthcare facilities
  • Residential nursing and care homes
  • Schools and colleges
  • Small and medium size businesses and enterprises


TraQa is the affordable cloud based information and intelligence system with built in high level security including the confidence of knowing your data is safely backed up in the cloud.

TraQa is backed by 25 years of experience in managing and processing information about goods and materials at parent company GV Health.